Basic info

  • age 19
  • currently no family on record
  • served for 1 year in the military
  • sexuality: BI
  • about 5"6 hight


She is a very out going girl she is usually good at making friends but is very shy at time. She trys acting all cool n gets annoyed very easy. She has a very high temper so when u piss her off be prepared 2 b punched....


She is currently being look 4 by military members, civilans, n her own comrads. She broke 1 of the major rules of the capital. She killed a child she claimed was an "accident"....She is currently in hiding moving from place 2 place trying 2 clear her name. She looks for help from any1 who is willing 2 help her.

Relations (do not exist at the moment)Edit

Prefered SkillsEdit

  • like the rules of wolves she will never fight an un-armed enemy
  • if a enemy has no weopion she is more then willing 2 give them 1
  • She usualy prefer hand-to-hand combat but if needed she keeps a semi-automatic on her n a pistol

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