The Anti Daemon Pistol is a pistol used by members of Robert Naylor's new Honor Guard as well as Robert Naylor himself. The weapon has a huge recoil and can break peoples arms unless they are wearing Power Armor some people can handle the recoil without Power Armor, the weapon is in the protype stage.


The Anti Daemon Pistol fires . 75 calibre (19.05mm) Psycannon Bolts and has a clip size of seven rounds it is able to kill Daemons with one clip at close range depending on what kind of Daemon it is.

The pistol can easily kill a Chaos Space Marine with five shots to one shot depending on what kind of Power Armor the Chaos Space marine is wearing normal Power Armor will take three to one shots Termintor Power Armor will take five to three shots all of depends on range and where the bullet hits.


The Anti Daemon Pistol has a very powerful recoil when fired which lifts the barrel of the gun up, even a Grey Knight in Tactical Armor stuggles to keep the barrel from lifting up. It's been known that only people in the Termintor Honors or Termintor Armor can control the recoil and keep the barrel from lifting, the pistol has nothing to stop it's powerful recoil as tests showed that even the best materials the Imperial of Man have can't handle the force of the recoil for very long, their are some materials that can handle the recoil for long amounts of time but they are hard and long to make materials, so as a result it has nothing to stop it's recoil.

Grey KnightsEdit

The Anti Daemon Pistol was when it was being made for the Grey Knights Space Marine Chapter, but it was not seen as good as a Psycannon and it would have been a waste to destroy them all so they where sent with Robert's new Honor Guard as they where about to become part of Robert's Sons and Daugthers, the pistol has only been tested fired but have hardly been used in combat.

Noteable usersEdit

  • Inquisitor Sarten - has two of them, oddly can fire them both at the same time and still be accurate, don't use Power Armor which is odd as few people can fire one with no Power Armor and not break there arm, let alone two, uses them without the long barrel section.
  • Campany Champion Leantitus - has one has rarely fired it, mainly fires it to boast moral.
  • Standard Bearer Sue - has one, has rarely fired it.
  • Apothecary Tan - has a Bolter/Anti Daemon Pistol.
  • Battle Sister Seasan - has never fired hers.
  • Robert Naylor - had one built into a Bolter but gave it to his Command Squads Apothecary.


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