Ashley Roach was born on March 21, 1998 to Raoul Roach and Holo Roach. Her baby years were the cutest ever. When she was 10, she found out her mother was a wolf-goddess. At first, she didn't believe it. But, after her mom told her countless stories, she actual was told she is a demi-goddess. She completely freaked out.

Current TimesEdit

She is now 14 and still lives with her parents. (She hopes to move out when she's 16.)  She got home from school one day to tell her dad that a boy asked her out. She then told him that he should already know him. She then said it was Uncle John's and Aunt Sam's son, James. Raoul disapproves of this and says to her, "You will be put on the Right of Passage."

Ashley Roach

Then, more shit goes on and on and then, She gets married. Surprising, right? Yea, for a 14 year old


  • Age:14
  • Height: 5'6
  • Relationships: 1 current
  • Special skills: Anything from her mother's side of the family
  • Likes to trick people. (Gets that from her Aunt)
  • Martial stauts: Married
  • Has had 3 sexual content
  • She has no record of being involved with any government branch

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