• Atti and her pet tiger Koda.
  • This is Atti's unique and favorite attire.
  • Possibly a swimsuit choice.
  • Anouther possible swimsuit choice.
Attilynn Abdure` {Atti for short} Is a playful and energetic White Tiger neko. She enjoys to spar with everyone and train her fighting skills, but also enjoys a variety of things.

She has a very distinct physique, that would make many stop and take a second glance. Her long cascading hair is a silky pure white and falls to almost her knees. Her fur, which covers her ears adn long lithe tail, are covered in the unique white and black tiger patterned softness. Her eyes are a crystal sea green/blue and are wide and lined in a thick fringe of black lashes. She a very attractive body, one full of curves. She holds the appearence of possibly even as young as eighteen but is truly twenty-one. She stands at about 5'3 and weighs around 100 pounds.

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