The Ultimate BadassesEdit

Exon's finest, Bad Company is a mercenary group that usually goes where the money is highest but close to never betrays Exon. Bad Company is a prestige consciption only type group. It choses only the best and only the ones it needs they can be called upon for any problem


The colonial marine armor they wear is heavy but extremely resistant, its a little stronger then ODST armor. It come complete with everything you could possibly need.


  • Pule rifle- main line assault rifle, can tear off a spartans arm with a simple burst.
  • Smart gun- High explosive shells fired at 1200 rpm? Oh, and not to mention with the HUD system it has the gun aims itself? All you have to do is pull the trigger.
  • Sentry- An unmanned smartgun turret to let it do the dirty work, high explosive rounds, medium fire rate, over heating problems.
  • Pulse Grenade- a grenade that pulses with an explosion and EMP mix
  • The "Betty"- a nuclear weapon cannon
  • Flame thrower- a gun the throws flames
  • Phase Plasma Rifle- an upgraded pulse rifle, it dismembers hunters
  • Tracker- Senses motion, even behind walls

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