Blair has the soul of a cat.....she is not human she is a cat



They seem to be good friends however, when they first met he thought her wanting to be friends with him was a trick but he believed it after she helped him defeat the monster inside the forest temple.


Being her assistant, they seem to get along and tolerate each other however p.umpkin keeps saying he wants a raise to which blair always responds "I dont even pay you".


one of blairs best partners ever....marq is blair's boyfriend who she plans 2 never leave.She fights along side him n is always by his side even when the going gets tough. Marq was also one of blair's spartan trainers....when blair lost her magic she had 2 learn 2 fight for herself. Marq agreed 2 turn blair into a spartan which blair successfully is.

XXSpartan 135XxEdit

Ace as every1 calls him is an excelent friend. He was another spartan who was around when blair was trained 2 be a spartan. He thinks blair losing her powers was his fault but blair insists it wasnt.

Raven GregornikEdit

A new friend to Blair. They seem to get along and work together quite well. Raven will do almost anything that Blair asks of her

Sgt StackerEdit

a close friend 2 blair....blair's loyal pet elite they've been threw good times n bad but when they need a hand they are always helping each other. He also makes a great play mate for blair when she gets bored.


stackers son...vaz is a good boy 4 blair when she baby sits, vaz never gives blair any troubles..though he seems 2 have a small rebelous side he is very curious, vaz is also best friends with rose and blade.


  • Smashing pumpkin
  • Halloween Cannon


  • Blair is an excelant mechanic
  • Blair can make and design her own weapons
  • Blair is splended with spells (healing and inprisonmen


  • Blair still has many secrets she hasnt shared yet

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