Bug in human form.


A stranger to many but well known otherwise. Bug2buga is a serial killer. The police have been trying to catch her for many years, but her magic and powers make it too difficult for them to ever find her.

Though she may be murderous and enjoy the pain of others, she is loyal to her friends and would never hurt any of them. She tends to die a lot and kill herself for no reason but for some reason or another she always comes back. Only the strange being behind the fourth wall would know why.

Bug also uses a type quirk which is something the characters from one of her favorite webcomics do. Of course. She tends to replace her i's with "!'s."

She likes to draw and write also, creating her own characters. She usually stays in random places by herself, only revealing her location at times when she feels she needs too. 

Bug is also a shadow dweller, creatures created in the year 2050 for military purposes. They are humanoid mutants that have abilities allowing them acces to other realms. Humans only know that 5 realms exist, but shadow dwellers know there are 7. They have access to all realms, unlike humans who have no ways into realms unless they are assisted by a shadow dweller or creature like them. How Bug became a shadow dweller or why is unknown to everyone. 

Bug wears a toolbelt with many different gadgets. She has pitch black hair and different coloured eyes. One is blue and the other black, the reason for this is also unknown except to herself.

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