troops in Alaska using a vt for cover fire

Welcome to the capitol data base you have seletced mech corps

The capitol mech corp is known for its many mech but the ones used most was during the war with china they are known as VT's (vertical tanks ) and the chinese used something a bit more deadly they made HVT (huge vertical tanks ). Which used humans as a computer and nav units but after the war the capitol modified them to where it uses computers and not human beings to work them but during the war the human computers were in metal tubes with a singel veiw port but now adays the VT's and HVT's ar begin replaced with HOUNDS mech's but the capitol does still use VT's and HVT's.

two hounds fighting on the front lines

913773125 l

Roach's personal hound


an HVT at a power station


Luna's personal hound

American Legion Warrior Mech

a marine hound


an artillery hound


an VT on the beach head

Plate 08 0501 hounds

the deadly twins two known hounds that kill you before you see them

Sbcover 2236189b

a VT in a skirmish


US troops firing on a Chinese VT


two hounds in iraq


US trooper throwing a grenade at a VT


A Bear hound in a battle

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