this is the goddess of heaven

This realm which been founded by Vicky is heaven itself, except that there is no god but a goddess because the king died in the great heaven and hell war which was so powerful that it reached to the other realms that were closest to that realm. This realm was cut off from other realms and worlds. The city called utopia was a war ground but not affected by the battle that still was on for milleniums because there was a shield that surrounded the city. The war that still goes on is the darkness that tries to evade their realm to destroy it because it's heaven and there's life. The darkness can't be described because it has no form or shape, just a blob that takes forms of other hideous creatures.

The angels that live there are friendly but cautious of anyone who they don't know of.They have a great army. Their weapons are made of light and can cut into anything and their elder swords are made of the strongest metals ever found. Their armor is that of the strongest metal or say glass that can't be cut, bent, destroyed by the darkness. Some of the angels turn from their comrade and turned toward the darkness and became fallen angels.

the deadEdit

elysian fields- Edit

this section is in utopia and is cut off from the angels becuase this is were the souls are that has moved on to their haven.


this section resides in the underworld with the darkness. the souls that are here have done horrorendous things and are punshed for all eternity.


  • this a fallen angel
  • fallen angel
  • fallen angel
  • this is the sword made of light
  • another version of the light sword
  • this is the elder sword and its made of the strongest metal
  • this is an ice sword used by fallen angels
  • a demon sword
  • an angel sword used by the arch fallen angel
  • a dark sword used by the fallen angels
  • dragon sword
  • fire sword
  • a demons
  • demon lord and his right hand
  • demon warrior
  • demon assasin
  • underlord
  • under graded warrior
  • demon witch
  • dragon demon
  • arch angel
  • demon reaper
  • warrior prince
  • princess
  • a demon knight

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