Furry form

charles furry form wearing his pokice tank uniform


charles grew up as a normal human until he hit puberty at the age of 13. he turned into a centaur not completely a horse but not complete human ether. he's father being a horse(james colt bonds) and a mother vampiric angel. he gained barly any powers from his mother. at the age of 20 vicky sent charles to the poilce force to work with his father and to get to know him.

  • charles human form (teenager)
  • his horse form
  • half way between human and horse


charles being taught martial arts and other types of fighting was best a combat but weak in guns. he is very dedicated in his job and knows how his mother would react if he quit the police force. his father asked charles to be part of the tank force and he agreed.

Police officer

charles at work





shapeshifting (horse)

super strength

super speed

fast healing (cant reginerate)

use element(mostly water,fire,and earth)

has perfect aim (only with magic)

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