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Clove is single,not  looking

And then there was silence by tanit isis-d30sn1d

Clove -The Luck Healing Love Nymph/ Twins of Viola.
- " Luck and Love and Healing, is just beinging, But River and Derek and Clea and Joey and Alanna and Aden and Layla and Joe are epic Awesome people.
 I love the Cats, and Wolves (talk) 18:52, November 25, 2012 (UTC)



Two years went by, and River missed Derek. She was convinced he was dead, and was considering suicide. About a week after, she woke up in the night, and found people robbing. She tried to stop them, but they got her hand stuck in a statue's grasp, so she couldn't attack. They left, and Derek came through the door. He told her what had happened, that he had invented the time machine, e.t.c

She broke her wrist to escape, giving him false hope it's possible to change the future. After storming out of the house after he wasted regeneration energy, she came back in and hugged him tight. The next day, the found a 19 year old girl in the living room, and knew that she was a nymph created from their relationship. The next day, they found another one, the same age. This one was Narcissa, and she was bored. The last sister, Clove, was created the day after Narcissa.


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