Crystal Madigan
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Spartan IV




Ask and You Die


Don't even think about it

Preferred weapons

MA5B CAWS and M60C Shotgun

Crystal Madigan is a Corporal in the UNSC, a proud member of the Spartan IVs, a former ODST and a loyal soldier to boot.

Past LifeEdit

Crystal wasn't exactly the most spoilt of people, as she was raised in an orphanige at a young age. One day, when she was 17, UNSC recruiters went by her orphanige and she signed up immediately. Over the past few years, she has accomplished so much in her young career, and it was because of this that she got promoted to the ODSTs, where she excelled in close-quarters combat and especially the combat drops.

Current LifeEdit

Over the next few years, she did everything possible to get her recognised to get promoted, but the promotion never came. She was about to leave the UNSC before one of the higher-ups came up to her and selected her to be apart of the Spartan IV program, which she accepted. Now, she happily works with the UNSC alongside the Lion Rangers as one of the resident Spartans teaming with them in the Blades War.

Ih spartan markIVc

Crystal's armor (the one on the right)

328px-Risty profile

Crystal outside armor (While looking like top image.)


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