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Page Last Updated: 1st November 2012

Basic Info

Full Name Darkaria Makalia
Pronunciation Dar-car-ee-ah Mah-kah-lee-ah
Meaning None, was coined by her parents
Born Unknown
Current Age Immortal, so must be very old, looks 19. Actual age unknown.
Gender Female
Species Unknown
Status Alive
Nationality Unknown
Native Language English (probably)
Accent None
Languages Spoken English,Latin,Spanish,Italian

Background Info
Hometown The Misted Hollow, The Middle of Nowhere
Type of Childhood Complicated
Most Important Childhood Event Learning her Arts
Religious Views None
Earliest Memory Being created
Firsts Kiss = Hasn't had one

Sex = Hasn't had one
Love = Hasn't had one

Family Info
Mother Unknown, possibly none
Father Unknown, possibly none
Siblings Jade Makalia

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Eye Colour Varies, often black
Hair Colour Varies, generally black
Height 5'4
Weight Weightless
Ethnicity Unknown
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 7 1/2
Blood Type Unknown
Voice Varies, generally hypnotic and high
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
Abilities Good fighter
Clothing Style Varies
Distinguishing Marks Er...several, generally the eyes. Or the voice.,oh well.
Body Style Athletic

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