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Duke Franken -
Scrap Knight

Easy cup tricks might be not impressive to some people, but certain girls just love them.

Duke Franken is the brother of Yami Franken he has the same style of clothing as Yami but is a military person, he did sign up for the Imperial Guard but he ended up in a Scrap Knight gang with Yami.

Earily LifeEdit

After Yami's mum and dad left Yami they had a baby and Duke has little knoweldge of Yami. Duke is in gang.


Duke is in a relaionship with Angela, he finds her strange as she don't get mad when he touches her personal areas so earily in their relationship, he is saving up his money to buy a ring.

He has always had a crush for Neko's, when he was a kid he used to dream about Neko's their fur, their tails, well just about everything about them.

Duke 3


Duke has Blonde hair which he has spiked, wears a ripped top which he ripped the sleaves off himself.

Bond with in the gangEdit

Duke has only been in the gang for a few weeks.

Clea - Only heard about her from Dave, Tina and Yami. Sounds like she's a bowl of fun.

Dave Samy - Didn't get to know him before his death.

Tina - Finds her cute and a very good shot.

Yami Franken - Have a love/hate bond even though their brothers.

Joe Hawker - Only heard about him from Dave, Tina and Yami. Sounds like a hero to him finds it hard he's gonna be leading him into battle.

Joey Hawker - Only heard about him from the Dave, Tina and Yami. Sounds to him a boy who needs to learn to know when to shut his mouth.

Layla Amalia Hawker - Not heard much about her, not sure if she's a girl he'll be okay working with.


Duke was put into the gang with next to no weapon training so he uses weapons he used in his short weapon training.

  • Primary - M82 Assault Rifle. An 32 round ISA standard issue Assault Rifle. Fires a 6.8 x 43 mm round
  • Secondly - Likes to move light so don't have a secondly weapon.
  • Sidearm - M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol. A 7 round ISA pistol fires a 50AE round.
  • Close Combat - One knife, hiden in his left boot.

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