The United Soviet Socialist Republics. Edit

The USSR (CCCP) was founded when human rebels to the UNSC found Sangheili dissidents. They formed together and started their expansion on Exon. Soon they grew to be a super power right under the UNSC's noses. Exon runs alot like Soviet Russia but much more successful. Exon is famous for its vast armored battalions. Such as the Apocalypse tank. They are well known for their brute force and unfair treatment of their Penal battalions.

Penal BattalionsEdit

These are captured covenant POWs such as grunts, jackals, and brutes. They are usually rushed forth to clear mines for their tanks, or to scout areas. Their survival rate is low due to the fact that they are shot if found retreating by the NKVD.

Bad CompanyEdit

Home of the Spetsnaz (Ground) and Colonial Marines (Space). These are the "ultimate badasses" of Exon. These are the human equilvant of the Red Guard. 

Red GuardEdit

These muscular war veterans are Sangheili who have been overly trained since birth and guard the kremlin in New Moscow.


A captain in the red guard.

Famous People from Exon.Edit

  • Thel 'Chavam - the original and current leader of Exon. War veteran. 
  • Alexsander 'Chavam - Youngest son of Thel. 
  • Rtas (Stacker) 'Chavam - War veteran of just about every major engagment during the human - covenant civil war. Great friend of Mira. 
  • Vasily (Vaz) 'Chavam - Mira's son-in-law. Married to Rose. 
  • Viktor Reznov VI - Proud of a long line of war veterans, was a former ODST and rebelled to Exon after the first Exon/UNSC war. 
  • Staff Sgt. Dwayne Hicks - a leader of Bad Company. (One of Exon's Spec. Ops forces) 

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