Resort by kalaharifox-d39jbzl

fox police officer about to bust a drug house

Fox's are a sub-species furry. Whilst not the most common furry, they are widly praised for being the most inteligent furry species, and their excellent physical skills. Fox's are often employed in police jobs requiring more logical thinking. They also often take jobs that take more stamina than even some of the police jobs.

Noteable Fox's are:

  1. Hecate, a fox model with a degree. Famous for her beauty, brains, and the strangeness that she only dates fox's.
  2. Add any fox that is famous

Range Time by KalahariFox

fox target practicing in Texas

Josephine by SabretoothedErmine

a fox girl showing off for her boy friend

Exchanging Vows by KaceyM

Two fox's getting married (this is what roach looks like at his wedding)

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