HellWolf final by furiousfox

a contestant form the army

The Galactic body builder contest is the BIGGEST contest in the galaxy where all men and woman of every race come and show off to win money prizes and who knows even find their mates. 
Seth after working out 3 by furiousfox-d34tw6e

Brick the New hot shot

Komamura by dragonkion-d4c9sw8

Roach showing is signing up

Relaxing under a waterfall by ohblon-d4qeb0a

Raoul relaxing under a water fall and getting ready for the contest

Noridian tavern by ohblon-d4ldhav

Raoul in an arm wrestling match with a cheetah

Fangson lorenzo by wsache007-d3atvjf

John's poster for the ladies

Ice cream fight armwrestling by furiousfox-d3z4mc8

lucca at the beach with the other constants

Blackie the black dobie by furiousfox

Boris entry photo

Vulponero on the beach at sunrise by guardian beast-d4wxy1s

volp last years champ

Strype by w0lf13 c4n3m-d3cecg8

constant from the tigers

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