• The Judge
  • Pablo




Himself, his brother


Omniscient and seems to be able to utilize magic(?)

"Hence nothing remains, but our regrets"


Gen (Also known as the Judge) is a strange, cryptically speaking cat with a wide grin. He appears to be of otherworldly origin, admitting that the form he's currently in, is only a disguise. He appears to be looking for someone close to himself.


Early daysEdit

Not much is known of Gen's orgin, however it can be assumed he was close to his brother Val.

Powers and Abilities  Edit

Gen appears to posses the average strength and speed of a normal cat. However, he is known to be very quick and deft in all his movements. He's very smart and astute in his thinking and planning. Additionally, he can utilize a series of set "Spells" that enhance himself or hinder his opponents. 


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