Halcyone Alexander is a Feline Commando, proudly serving them as a fully experienced Lieuteneant in the Army.

Halcyone Alexander
Just waiting 2 by macmegagerc-d4x1sqj





Relationship status


Past LifeEdit

Halcyone was raised in a kind family who were also Commandos. She was born with Tiger DNA inside of her, even though she is a Feline. But that didn't stop her from graduating top of her class

Current lifeEdit

She is now following in her parent's footsteps of being a Commando, and witnessed the end of the Blades War from another battlezone, which she got extracted from just in the nick of time. She is currently single.

Good morning by macmegagerc-d6rarhv

Halcyone in the morning

Calm night by macmegagerc-d6jsyuj

Halcyone by herself at night time

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