Crazy Drift04:38

Crazy Drift

James hobby when he is off the clock.


James on his fifth cup of coffee

James is a young colt who is a bit shy when it comes to ladies but speaks his mind when something he doesnt like shows up. 

Early life Edit

Not much is known about his biological parents but as a child James was sent from one foster home to the next and at age 12 was adopted by a mixed all police family. While growing up James showed high marks in school having an all A GPA he then joined the Police Accadmy and became a cop at age 17 and has been with the Tank Police ever since. 

Traits Edit

Sex: Male 

Age: 18 

Blood Type: AB + 

Relationship Status: Taken 

Weight: 220 

Hieght: 7,6 

Known Family:678 

[other information is classified level 7. ] 

Personal life  Edit

James is a horse of fun and sometimes dangeros things when ever he has free time at work he reads but when he is off the clock thats when he drags, street and drift races, he even does bear fists boxing matches for fun and does gamble not only with his money but also his life. 

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