James in his Armor

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Traits Attributes Basic Intel and so OnEdit

Captain James Johnson of the UNSC is a Highly Trained and Skilled Spartan II. He is in a relationship with Laura Milestone and misses her very much. He is 6'9" With Black hair and Blue eyes. He has Served in many Armed conflicts with the UNSC including an ongoing Conflict with the Spartan IV Resistance. He is a jack of all trades able to use any weapon from a rocket launcher to a High Tech Laser Cutter. He can Also Pilot any Vehicle from a simple scooter to the Largest Ship or Cruiser.

How he got here and why he is here ETC.Edit

About 4 years ago James was put on a group of  UNSC marines ODSTs and Spartansto assist the Alliance in their deeds. It is there he met Roach. From that point they were good friends and when they have leave usually "Grab a Beer and shoot the shit". At one point when Roach and James were "Bar Hopping" James met Laura. He bought her a drink and things whent well. Laura and James still are not Married.                                                                                                                                                (The story is here its just very long and needs work)

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