Fangson lorenzo by wsache007-d3atvjf

john with out his died hair and go-t

I m Just Chillin by SabretoothedErmine

johns 2nd body

John is part of the tiger race. He is 20 and single and from what woman say he is a hunk.

persnoal life Edit

john gets up every morning at 5:00am to work out then eats breakfast and then works out more then at 7 he does a 10k run after he gets done with his run john then takes a shower then he gets ready for work and goes to work from 1-5 then goes home and cleans his guns then goes to sleep and does the whole thing over again

sex: male

rank: colonel (col)


blood type: ab negative

relationships status: engaged 

meeting sam Edit

john bump into sam after coming back from work and he fell for her soon after finding out that boris cheated on his wife with her and when he broke sams heart he promised that he would help sam by anymeans but after he was killed by her anger he soul transfered into a k-9 body but after him and sam had sex he asked her to marry him.

a whole lot of wolf Edit

sam said she would marry him if he was a wolf so he soul transfered into a wolf body and she just stared at him because now he was sams wolf toy and he was hers. 

Don t mess with the wolf by furiousfox

john 3rd body

Ranks insignia col

colonel rank

Tiger by heyohwhoa

john taking off his pants

Kostia Tiger by ebonytigress

the gear and uniform john's unit wears

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