This page will soon undergo complete overhaul and revampment, as events that have transpired question continuity and have little significance.

Judge Bergan is one of the Judge Magisters of the Archadian EmpireAs Judge

Judge Bergan 1

Judge Bergan

Magister, he is one of the Supreme Judges in the Imperial Court, and also acts as one of the Supreme Commanders of the Archadian Military. He is the director of the 2nd Bureau, and a mighty military leader. A cruel man, he strongly believes in military might, and that only the strong should rule, with an iron fist.


Bergan is an incredibly strong, middle-aged man. He possesses long, fading blonde hair, and large facial features that aren't too appealing. His armor is of the distinctive Judge Magister form, though slightly more bulky and possessing a crowned Frog-helm helmet with large armored colar frills around the neck.


Bergan was first seen commanding the second invasion on the world which the Ninja inhabit. This time, the fleet was nearly 6 times greater, and the force engaged without mercy, fueled by Bergan's aggression and outright ferocity. Little was seen of him so far.


Bergan is an incredibly cruel individual. He gives no quarter to his enemies, even if they try to negotiate. The only time he'll take captives is if he's directly ordered by the Emperor himself. Effectively, if otherwise directed, he enjoys the practice of severely torturing his prisoners. A fierce commander, he always goes into battle with a large, powerful force, and sometimes leads his troops directly into battle. He is immensly strong and is a skilled tactitioner.

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