Early morning by macmegagerc-d6lnvge

Kitty in her casual clothes.

Female anthro wolf by sexyfootlover-d6k641u

Kitty going through her training.

Kitty "Long Claws" Rose was born in Brisbane, Australia in the year 2480 durin the 4th Vampire Wars. When she was 17 she joined the military to fight out the remainder of the Vampire War.

Personal LifeEdit

Kitty was born to Wolf parents that had a slight sense of humor, as she looked a bit like a cat when she was born they called her Kitty. As she grew up, she became more wolf like in appearance, and she was actually the strongest child in her family, despite the fact that she was the youngest by about 10 years. She grew up in a family that had a great sense of humour, and developed a love for all life, whether she be in a war or not. She is currently single and is looking for a mate.

Military Carreer.Edit

Kitty has led a distinguished military carreer ever since she joined the military. She went straight through Officer Training but refused to have a desk job, wanting to lead the troops on the front lines. Command reluctantly gave her what she wanted, and she led with Valor and Honour. Kitty has recieved a number of commendations for actions on the battle field, including a Medal of Honour for ensuring that her superiors and her own squad got out of a kill box in one piece, albiet she lost an eye for it.

She is versed in the use of all Feline, Wolf, Lion, Human and Vampirian weapon, as she has had to pick up and use them on a number of ocassions.

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