Lee Tiberius Grimes was captain of the U.S.S Parachute  

Lee Tiberius Kirk


Mid 20s to 30s



Cause of Death



James Tiberius Kirk (Father)


Not much of Lee's past is known, But it has been revealed his name is not actually Lee Tiberius Grimes but Lee Tiberius Kirk and is actually the son of James T. Kirk 


Lee is the Captain of a ship called the U.S.S Parachute which has a large amount of Crew among them is a Football(Uk Football aka Soccer) Shaped Robot called wheatley


When the Parachute was severely damaged, Khan shot Lee with a Phaser, severely wounding him, Lee managed to lock Khan in a Escape Pod and launched him, it is unknown where Khan went, afterwords, Lee restarted the Warp Core after it had shut down but the Radiation killed him not too long afterwords

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