Libertys Voice Emblem and Symbol

Libertys Voice Emblem and Symbol

""We are Libertys Voice we fight for what the Government Doesnt. True FREEDOM!"-Libertys Voice Recruitment Slogan. and Motto

All Governemts Fall...But Within a Just CauseEdit

On July 4th 2520 aResistance formed by the name of "Libertys Voice" the cause of their anger is only known to be they hate the Government of the United States.  They Are Rising Against all they Stand for they Are fighting for the Country formed in the 1700s not the Government it spawned they hope to succeed in their deeds to free America from its Opressor.  "The Government is to pay for the Fruit of its Deeds"-Leader of Libertys Voice.

Members Abilitys Equipment ETC.Edit

The Equipment ranges from basic Civilian Weaponry (Double Barrels Hunting Pump Shotguns AR 15s ETC) to Recovered Military Tech (Battle Rifles M16 A4s ETC)  The Armor and Clothing Ranges from the Same.  

The Members are mostly Civilians and War Vets most Notable members are:

Johnson Pulwowski-Leader.

ZiX-Right Hand Man.

Tycho-The Psycho:Guard and Assassin.

Jump-Cybernetic Support Operative-Ex Alliance and US Armed Forces.

All members are trained to Operate Basic Military Vehicles but a few are trained war vets so they can use more advanced things such as cruisers and tanks.

Most of these people are enlightened on the fact that America is Crumbling but these are the already shattered pieces.

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