lucifer was once a marine wolf furry who was turned by ella.

he was retired from the marines becuase of his injuries and was not able to return ever again. he became depressed after he was relived from duty. he then turned to alcohal to relieve his depression. he had a girlfriend but he broke up with her after seeing a another lover in their bed. ella came to him 3 weeks later. he agreed to be turned.
  • human form of lucifer after being turned
  • his out of control animal form
  • his controled wolf form (methuselah)
  • before he was turned

new lifeEdit

after he turned he had a form of a human and his strenghth and speed increased. he also can turn to a form of a wolf but later on he went out of control and had to exciled from the others that was turned.

years passed after he was exciled and he gained his hatred to the methuselah and he had more control of his shifting powers. he then searched for the clans of the methuselah. he killed many of the methuselah. ella noticed this and came to him to know the reason why he killed them but she missed him and he escaped.

the rouge life Edit

over the years, lucifer made many comrades and made a clan for himself but the clan had more weaknesses than the normal methuselah. so his hatred grew and grew for the life he must now live. his clan also hated the life that made them more weak to sertain things. they hide and kill the methuselah and ella's shadows that are in the shadow realm.

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