The M-151 Utility Handgun is a sidearm utilized by the United Defense Force, most notably it's human division. Space Troopers Lieutenant Wolfe Leonardo and Gunnery Sergeant Ashley Johnson both consider this pistol to be their favorite weapon of all time.


The M-151 Utility Handgun is a pretty powerful pistol, seemingly able to dismember most unshielded infantry with ease. It is also pretty accurate, coming with both a 2x magnification scope and a laser sight. However, it's downsides are it's extremely loud firing sounds, it's slow rate of fire, and the insane recoil of the weapon (some marines even lose grasp of the weapon by firing one shot, and when dual wielded, almost all marines have trouble keeping their grip). Nonetheless, it is a very reliable weapon.


The M-151 Utility Handgun saw heavy usage during conflicts between the United Defense Force and the Dark Blood Empire. During those engagements, nearly every soldier was equipped with one. Some individuals such as Lieutenant Wolfe Leonardo, Gunnery Sergeant Ashley Johnson, General David Shepard, and Major Samuel Whitefield even used it as their main weapon of choice from time to time.

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