about Edit

Neko vampire


rcus is the son of ella

the father is unknown

marcus is a neko vampire

he is 20 years old( aged faster when he was a child only took 3 years to age to 20 then completely stop)

he is a prince in the shadow realm along with violet

personality is that he's a playboy( tried to get in bed with violet even after finding out that she's his cousin and other females), brave(played pranks on the shadows and faught ella and vicky without restraint and tormented ella's shadow to the point if her wanting to kill him),gets serious when fighting , likes to joke around


has pure black hair and fur 

the hair is spiked 

has ears on top of his head 

has fangs (drinks blood)

skills Edit


shadow weilder

super strength(1000x stronger than a human)

super speed(100x faster than a human)

a natural talent for hand to hand combat and weapons(guns and swords and many more and was taught by vicky on how to fight)

knows senjutsu ( after being born and was not taught this)

shapeshifting(only to a fox and a black wolf)

regineration(able to revive but only 5 times a week)

immortal (he can die)

sent offEdit

ella sent off marcus to roach to be part of the army against jill. he was further taught by roach how to use firearms and hand to hand combat. now is a marine hand to hand specalist and is also a assasine(rarly).

marcus using a shadow sword

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