Maria Kerrigan is a 24-year old woman, allied with the UNSC for a time before she left and became a travelling warrior.

Maria Kerrigan
The Phantom Warrior




170cm (Approx. 5'7"







Past LifeEdit

Maria was born to Joseph and Leina Kerrigan on the 21st of August, 2547. Joseph and Leina two kind and caring parents who were willing to help out any way they could. But, they were killed by a mugger out on a street when they were returning home. Devastated by her loss, Maria vowed to get vengeance but decided to break it to help others. She signed on to the UNSC Marine Corps at the minimum age and left after a few years serving.

Present DayEdit

Now, she prefers to travel the universe, helping anyone who can't help themselves and defends the innocent, even if it means that it would be life-threatening. Currently, she is in the Queen's Blade universe with some Marines after they saved her from Melona and working with said Marines and Leina Vance to save the world they're in. She recently took out an AA Gun with Jason and has now gotten Menace as a hostage and is currently getting the horses allied with her to 'pump' information out of her

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