Medi-Cola is a soda pop and a pain killer in one. How much it helps actually depends on who's drinking it. While it helps ease 95% of pain for Wolfe, other individuals such as Zayne may only witness a 10% pain reduction. Speaking of Wolfe, his customized set of UDF Power Armor has a bendy straw built into his helmet, allowing him to enjoy type of beverage during combat, but usually he either drinks Mega-Cola or Medi-Cola. Medi-Cola has almost exactly the same taste of Mega-Cola, the only difference between the two drinks being the painkiller inside the Medi-Cola.

Trivia Edit

  • Wolfe is obsessed with Medi-Cola and Mega-Cola. He even has a custom belt on with cup holders always attached to his UDF Mark IV Power Armor
  • Ironically, it's deadly to the C'thaar. One C'thaar Warrior stepped in some spilt Medi-Cola and it incinerated the calf of his right leg.
  • Mega-Cola/Medi-Cola has the taste of the real-life soft drink, Pepsi.
  • Medi-Cola is only one of eleven brands made by the popular soft drink company, Joe-Anne-69.

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