Political Party Comparison - Urban Wire (Podcast)17:28

Political Party Comparison - Urban Wire (Podcast)

Political parties on earth

This page will explain all politics of each and every race available. 

Humanity Edit

Democratic, Republican, and mixed political parties being that each region of the world has its own political point of view. 

Feline aka Cats Edit

This race has elected leaders to run and solve problems for the galatice council as they are the more Democratic of the systematic government. 

Wolf  Edit

This race is more of a Imperial monarchy meaning that their society is ruled by an emperor or an empress however should one of the emperors or empresses happen to die then that power shall be passed to the next heir in the line of the throne. 

Bears  Edit

This race is mostly made up of (as the stereotype goes ) Communists (also known as Reds and Commmies). 

Lions Edit

This race is a tribal based society where only the strongest rule, however if they die their sons and daughters take over after the ruler is gone. 

Tigers  Edit

This race is a Socialist based soceity, but their Military and Police forces are fast and deadly as they will shoot first and ask questions second. The males population is seperated into three classes (unlike the human classes ) there are soldiers, civilains, and models. 

Foxes Edit

This race has a Zar system of government, In this it means that only one rules and when he/she dies then their son/daughter will take rule of power. 

Horses  Edit

Not much different from humanity's Native Americans were a chief leads the tribe, however each one of the tribes is different and very deepin in spiritual roots.  

Cheetahs  Edit

Not much info is known about this race however what is known is they have a royal and nobel based system of government so that only those of royal or noble blood will come into power and those who are not born of noble or royal blood would be known as the working class of society. 

Nekos Edit

Neko are a little different as being a mixed breed race of every other race and as such they have come togther and formed there own faction a sort of republic that is still in power to this day. 

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