== Early Life ==

Zach was born into the British Royal family. His mother is Queen Jean II, and his father is Prince Consort Lucca Roach. Whilst having grown up with the finer things in life, he has always dreampt of joining the military. Due to the lack of high sorcery, he is not the heir to the throne, but his sister, Amber Grey, is. He is sometimes a little jealous, but also happy because it means he can join the military, which he couldn't do if he was the heir.

Rfts 100 by nekochank-d4qghhw

Zach with two of his female school mates near him

Traits Edit

Hair: Blonde

Sex: Male 

Race: Neko 

Father: Lucca roach 

Mother: Queen Jean Grey II

Blood Type: O positive

Rfts say hello to the twins by nekochank-d4p10ir

Two female Nekos stalking Zach

Age: 16

Like Father like Son Edit

Much like his, Father Zach does catch the eye of the woman in his school. Although his father keeps telling him to watch out for the red heads, he does try to keep his cool. 
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Zach drinking whine


Zach in his family armor

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