Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)04:07

Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Zendaya - Replay04:01

Zendaya - Replay

If she had an interest..This would be her theme if she had a boyfriend

This character belongs to AngelFlames
Skillet - "Not Gonna Die" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO03:48

Skillet - "Not Gonna Die" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO


"If that's what you want..don't waste my time on this."-Nicole

Nicole is part of a project called "Project Shadows."

She is a fox/human hybrid.She currently doesn't have a picture,but will be explained her appearance hopefully. Born in 2062


Project:Shadows is a project of a hybrid having a shadow,whom does the opposite of them,transform into the hybrid,or controlling the hybrid once in a while.Certain types of hybrids will have this.'Aryusa' is an another word for Project:Shadows.Sometimes,their shadows will help the hybrid

Nicole's Early LifeEdit

Nicole was born in a family,but was then abandoned in an ally.No one gave her any concern looks,nor any kindness.She ran from her ally,cold,scared,soaked,and hungry.She approched to an abandoned house with supplies,such as a first aid kit,few pairs of clothes,food,and little amount of water.She joined in an academy of the military.During the years,she figured out that her parents were gunned by some unknown soldiers.She didn't cried,but was teared up inside.She tried her best to get good with subjects and tried to forget the death of her parents.

Nicole's Military LifeEdit

After her academic years of military subjects,she decided to go with the United Nations Space Command.


Jeans Surcofin-Sister

Dean Surcofin-Brother

21DA(GFX)-Little robot companion

Fire Tail-Little fox companion


Minor Regeneration


Skilled with guns

Computer Tech

Shadow Gun-Her hand will have a shadow-liked gun.She will aim at the target and fire at it,making a big shadow ball with arms and hand sprouting out,ready to attack the target.

Shadow Arms-She will raise her hand as arms quickly sprout from her shadow.She will point at the target,making shadow arms jetting towards it and attack.

Shadow Blades-She will point at the target as slices will be made on the target.She will have either a sword or two daggers in her hand,charging at the target.She will constantly slicing the target.


Nicole is a shy and a catious person. She'll flushed if she does something wrong. She can be a serious person and when her serious nature is kicking in,her voice will sound serious. She is a patient hybrid and trains when she's bored or needed to. Nicole can be silent and staring at someone. She will sometimes take command when she is in battle or so.

Something Minor/HobbiesEdit

This is her hobbies:

She can play the flute and the violin.However,she is mostly at violin.

She can sketch and paint art.

She loves playing paintball,so when a competition happens,she'll be attending the event.

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