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Queen B

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Early lifeEdit

Queen B was born into a rich family that made their wealth from male slave trade and the capitol serect services couldn't find any prove of this until one day when Queen B was still Princes B on her 20th birthday she got her own personal slave and his name was roach.

A forbidden loveEdit

In the months before Princes B got her new slave Capt. roach was sent in undercover as a newly bought slave to get any and all information on Princes B family and then call in the marines to arrest them all however his orders were to not fall in love with the target but in the course of three years roach and b were in love and it was a forbidden love which made it even more dangorus to call in the marines in fear of B getting in the cross fire. So roach waitted until the right time to bring down the hammer and end the male slave operation.

Heart Broken Little BEdit

On December 7th 2033 after a night in Princes B's bed Roach sneeked off in her mothers office and found all the intel on her salve trade contacts, numbers , where the money was all of it and at 7:00 A.M. the marines stormed the house and the compound freeing all the slaves and aressting Princes B mother. However before the marines could take B away Roach stopped them and told them to let her go free as the sun rose she saw who her lover really was Capt. Roach, Wolf of the capitol marine corp she just sat there and watched as her false lover drove away and left her broke and heart broken never to come back. However this would be a big mistake in the coming years

New Body  Edit

In the years after the first attack by her military Queen B she ended her own life before she could be captured and tried for her crimes, but she had a back up plan her soul was tranfered into a new body; a white neko with black hair so no one would know it was her and with this she slowly but surely began rebuilding her army and renamed it the Women's Liberation Army (WLA).
Neko Uri by koori101

B's new body