Resort by kalaharifox-d39jbzl

rick about to bust a drug house

rick is a capitol detective who works on the beach pd of the FCPD and he is also in the DEA of the pd he is single and is a decurated soldier (ret) also a decurated police officer with a clean record.

sex: male

race: fox

age: 25

blood type: b

likes : long walks on the beach, hot woman and good liquor.

dislikes: easy woman, bad liquor and all sorts of criminals

Armory Edit

1. 44 magnum 

2. 12 gauge remigton pump action shotgun

3. M4 tatical

4. stun grenades

5. tazer rounds for the shotgun

6. 270 bolt action sniper  


ricks beach house


ricks 270

SW Model 629

ricks 44.


ricks car

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