A soldier of ExonEdit

Rtas 'Chavam was born on Sangheilios. His father's name is Thel 'Chavam but he is rarly seen, he's the leader of Bad Company and even the queen of the vampires havn't seen him. 


Rtas really dosn't have a huge family to speak of, during the Covenant-Human war his family was murdered due to the prophets losing publicity to his grandfather and arbiter Fal 'Chavam. This all happened when Stacker was 5 years old. He was however able to escape this tragedy and was found by the 'Moram family, he was trained there because one of the leaders (Ripa 'Moramee) thought he was worthy, he was personally trained by Ripa himself. Although Rtas does however have a son named Vasily "Vaz" 'Chavam. 


  • Muscle- He is very large, even for an elite. (He's been noted to kill spartans and chieftains with his bare hands)
  • Love- He loves everyone, he has a heart.
  • Melee weapons- He does good with weapons such as energy swords and gravity hammers.
  • CQC- He's very good with Close Quarters Combat


  • Saying "No"- He is a big push over at times.
  • Females- He has never personally harmed a female, not even humans.
  • Ticklish- Niji knows this best, he is extremely ticklish on his stomach.

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