Ruby Rose is a 15-year old girl who is now fighting for the Alliance as part of a special program.

Ruby Rose
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Red Like Roses






Human (Super Soldier)

Relationship status

Married (To Jonna)

Past LifeEdit

Ruby Rose was born to kind parents, but she was left at an orphanage at a young age, and that's where she met the person she considered her sister, Yang. When she was 8, she was taken from the orphanage and put into a special program by the Alliance, and she learnt how to kill with deadly accuracy.

Current LifeEdit

Ruby is now fighting in the Blades War as one of the few super soldiers there. However, she may only be 15, but she can kick ass with her custom-made Sniper Scythe, Crescent Rose. Now in a relationship with Jonna, she is heading back to Beacon Academy once the Blades War is finished. She is now married to Jonna, a wolf she had started a relationship with and now has a son named Jaune.

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