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Mythical Beasts Rp Soul Dragon

Me talking about him.

Also known as Project #298,Soul Dragon is a yellow-skinned white-haired dragon about 25 years old.He has aura abilities and is a master swordsman and gunman.
Soul Dragon

1st body

The AwakeningEdit

On a mission to the dead planet Dracia,Capt. Roach Wolf and a squad of Space marines discovered a science lab. Inside they found a tube.When they released the subject in the tube,it was Soul Dragon,and he helped them in the following skirmish against Darkors.He then went before the Galactic Council.After telling them what happened on Dracia,they suggested that he seek out a man named Dragovich.So he and Roach boarded the Life Giver and fell into a 3 year sleep on the way .


After he awoke,Soul Dragon was informed that his seed had been taken and planted in several women.Outraged at this,he smashed the ground,feeling that his honor was lost.He passed out and found himself in the hospital.There,an elder of his race told him that the old honor may be gone,but a new one can be created.After agreeing to this,he and Roach set out to find Dragovich.


When they reached Dragovich's house,the old vampire agreed to help Soul Dragon get his memory back.He hooked Soul up to a machine,then sent many volts of electricity through his body.Soul Dragon remembered everything.So then he and Roach used a teleporter to get back to Alliance High Command.There,Soul Dragon explained to the council that the dragons had been trying to create the perfect being,and the Darkors were the failures.Even though he was not perfect,Soul was the only one to survive the procedure.He also remembered a girl named Ranatta.The council says she was frozen,and Soul demands for her to be free.The council agrees,then gives Soul a job in the military.Afterwards,he and Roach go to a bar and pass out from drinking.

Military LifeEdit

When he woke up,Soul Dragon had a hangover and was in a room he had never seen before.A knock was heard at the door,and when he opened it,a young nekko officer informed him he was at a military base.He got dressed and is currently eating breakfast with Roach.


Soul Dragon can sense how others are feeling.He can also use energy from his own soul as aura power for his aura attacks.



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