Spades slick by neecross-d31li7v

Spades Slick


Not much can be said on Spades'  history, he has been the leader of the notorious Midnight Crew for as long as he can remember. Fighting over territory, stealing and planning schemes have been Spades' pastimes, That is until he and his crew were caught up into the war.

Now with his Midnight Crew all but destroyed, and badly hurt, Spades has vowed to make his way back to the top, no matter if he has to crawl there.

(Will add more when character is introduced)


Slick is very black and white in his judgements, and quickly makes decisions with little to no forethought. His reactions to given commands are of swift and clear certainty. He will do the things he says he will do, or he will quickly end whatever he doesn't want to do. He is very temperamental, and when Slick is not involved with violence, his countenance is often surly and vulgar, albeit outwardly quiet. He keeps his thoughts to himself and responds with action rather than words. He is not very good at uttering cold blooded one liners, instead letting his knives do the talking for him. Anyone who tries to cause him trouble is a dead man,but he has an agreeable relationship with anyone who works alongside him, even if he hates them a little.


  • A variety of knives
  • One baseball bat
  • One crowbar
  • Some small pistols 
  • One "Tommy" gun

Gallery Edit

Tumblr lyrff3XaD41qko73so1 500

Spades dispacthing a rival Crew

Spades slick piano (1)

Spades' playing the piano

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