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Suecaten -
Imperial Guard 2nd lieutenant, 2897th regiment

Fear me, but follow me.

Suecaten is an Imperial Guard 2nd Lieutenant in the 2897th Regiment, her mother is Caten. She is part vampire.

Background Edit

Suecaten was a unwanted child of Caten who got pregnant with her during the 3rd Vampire War after been taken prisoner. While her mother didn't enjoy her but she looked after her as she grew up.

As she grew up she had a good taste of been in the armed forces by her mother, while gangers didn't fight like soldiers did due to her mother been in one with a Space Marine she was trained to prove to be a tough girl, she started becoming aware of her vampire side as she hit her teenager years while at a gym with her mother at a punching bag when she punched right though the punching bag when she punched as hard as she could.


Suecaten like all Imperial Guard Lieutenants has the same wargear.

  • Flak Armor, sometimes has Carapace Armor
  • Chainsword
  • Las-pistol
  • Las-rifle


At times if Imperial Guardsmen or Guardswomen don't do as she orders she will threaten to suck there blood later, the troops she commands fear her as much as they fear a Commissar, in combat she will be at the frontline not hiding behind a command bunkers walls.

Robert hates her when she does this, she finds it kinda fun.


Suecaten with her been part Vampire is a expert in hand to hand combat, she is skilled with blades or just her bare hands, her reflexes are just as good as a Space Marines.