The Broken Edit

The Broken are here, they surround all. The Broken are the shadows of the halls, they exist between space and time, and they are rarely seen by the normal people. They are also known as Creators, Forerunners, Gods, and The Fathers/Mothers.

They only appear once all is gone, there is no one left, and the world is dead. They pick up the pieces and start again, just like any good would do. They cry as they do this, the reason is that they feel all of the pain of the worlds collapsing upon them. Few have seen The Broken, but it is said that every sentient life-form has one controlling them. This is all taken from belief, however, so the truth may not be as close as we once thought. There is no science to explain this, and so they exist.

Roach, Pulwowski, Stone, Luna, Mira, ZiX, James, Dr. Riktor, among many others, have heard the strange truths to surface on these creatures.

S-316, Johnson, James V. of the UNSC (MIA) came into contact with one in his absence after Mars, as well as between death.

President Pulwowski of the United Liberty Federation came into contact with one between his two bodies.

When you meet these creatures, it's as if your soul is staring out of you. You see yourself through The Broken's eyes, and then feel a darkness. The Emptiness creeps over, and then silence comes. The lucky receive life back, the unlucky are lost forever. They do not wish to harm the living, that is why they cry.

The world will never feel true darkness, for The Broken will rebuild the light. Their tears fuel the world, almost like oil. The war is what keeps them at work, but peace makes them happy.

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