The Felt are a rival gang of the Midnight Crew. While the Midnight Crew have a playing card theme,The Felt are based around the game of pool. Each member is green in appearance and has a hat with the color and number of one of the 15 pool balls. 7 and below are solid colors, 9 and up are striped, and 8 is solid black. Their headquarters is an entirely green mansion.

Known membersEdit

1.Itchy- Very fast and very jittery, Itchy acts like a messenger for his crew, weather that be actually delivering messeages or beating the message into someone.

7.Crowbar-The cocky, arrogant underboss of the Felt, he acts as the field leader for many of his crew's "missions", is named for his use of a crowbar as a weapon.

(Will add more when Rp's occure)

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