Serenity alliance emblem

The Alliance symbol

The Galactic Alliance is one of the most strongest galactic militaries in the galaxy, but have had a great loss due to the empire, they are still trying to up hold the law and truth. The Alliance is ran by a council so there is no one person running the Alliance. 

races of the alliance Edit

1. Nekos


3. Wolves


5. Humanity

6. Cheetahs

7. Lions



10. Horses

11. Hunters


Fleet Edit

The Alliance has the second largest fleet being second largest to the UCR but due to the vampire fleet mass in numbers more Alliance ships are being made to match the increasing numbers in the vampire ranks. 

Mira a pilot ?  Edit

Mira proved her self a better pilot then any of the Alliance pilots and more deadly then a UCR pilot and mighter then a UNSC sword fish fighter pilot after many test she provde that she can pilot the prototype hogh speed fighter that was suppose to be unsafe for other pilots but mira is no normal pilot and she is not a normal person to mess with. 

Cloakshape NEGVV

alliance star fish


alliance dark fish

Gradius iii vic viper back

Mira's prototype hype speed fighter


New alliance star fighter


Alliance drop ship holds up to 20 troops and two tanks


Alliance scout ship


Alliance support ship

394544 alyans boevye-korabli kosmos zemlya luna 1920x1080 (

Alliance battle ships

Alliance 7

most of the Alliance fleet

Alliance warship

Alliance stealth recon ship


Alliance cruiser


list of Alliance ships

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