Time Agency

Created hundreds of years after Derek Wade made the time machine, The Intergalactic Time Agency created their own time travel devices, and only travel to make sure certain events happen and to arrest and kill major criminals known in history after the events they caused so as to punish them. They then create robots to make it seem like they were still around.

NOTICE: Before joining or making a character, you must tell ~Rose Witch~ or Audrey Campbell. Any characters not approved will be taken away and asked to be deleted.


The Leaders of the Agency are the top agents, and are the ones that pre-occupy with the worst crinimals in history. They also hire people and puts people through training.

Head of Time Agency:

  1. Oswin Oswald-Human-User:~Rose Witch~

Head of Time Agency Assistant:

  1. Ianto Jones-Spirit, created by Ylva for Jack Harkness-User:~Rose Witch~ and Audrey Campbell

Deputy Head of Time Agency:

  1. Jack Harkness- Human-Audrey Campbell

'Deputy Head of Time Agency Assistant:

  1. NEEDED, ASK User:~Rose Witch~ TO MAKE

WIP, factions that deal with certain times will be created later

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