A Typical Netherworld Landscape

The Netherworld is the homeplanet of the demons species.


the netherworld posses many landscapes some typical fire and brimstone some big bustling cities and perhaps even a few small villages sprinkled in.


It is always night in the netherworld and always a full moon as demons thrive in darkness however light has no effect on them they just prefer the dark.

Morals and CultureEdit

in the Netherworld morals are reversed good people are evil and evil people are good and thievery arson murder and many other crimes are in fact a daily activity for them however some demons are against these reversed morals and act the proper way this demons are refered to as criminals or delinquents depending on age.


The Demons of the netherworld use a currency called Hell which are basically dollars and gold coins with skulls on them and like usual dollars have varying worth HL are a neccessity when on a netherworld as most things sold by the demon populace are INCREDIBLY expensive and they won't accept anything but HL.

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