"The Master Race!"

When it all Began.Edit

The Year was 1982. Stone had been working on many projects and decided to create an army and race of highly intelligent people, he deemed them "Aryans". After which he has built an Army of Perfect Soldiers and a Nation of Perfect People. The Unified Aryan Federation. This Army and Nation has survived since then becoming a super power in the future and being the only faction to have and make Ultra Soldiers.

The Way they Fight and What they Use.Edit

They Use the Art of BlitsKreig or Lightning War. They show Brute Force and they Rarely lose. They are able to level cities with litle effort. They show little to no mercy and rarely take prisoners. Their most used "Weapon" is the Ultra Soldier.(They are just like Stone yet they can die as their bones arent as reinforced. They also wear powered Armor Varients that are black with Red eyes or Black and Green They are Brutish men.) They also use various air support Gunships and Drop ships. Tanks are also in the Arsenal. Another thing they have used is their large supply of V-3000 Rockets, Usually Nuclear Warheads, but sometimes they are Bio-Weapons.

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