Thomas Herringson was a Human that lived in Wisconsin, U.S and thought he was the only one that could see the Furries, Hybrids, Vampires, Shadow Creatures, and the Gods and Goddesses.



Thomas became very paranoid of the "Monsters and Aliens" he thought he could only see, so he visited a psychologist but he didn't believe the psychologist so he hastily went to Walmart for grocery shopping or "purchasing supplies". after that he eventually went to his condo with a ton of supplies and a few weapons to last enough for a year locking himself alone in there for several months.

After locking himself in there for several months his pen pal, who was a furry as well was going to visit him today with a few other friends so when Tom finaly unlocked his door after a few months half of the visitors and guests were furries and the other half were humans. fortunately he found out that he wasn't the only one that could see them and was cured of his paranoia.

He eventually made friends with a lot of Furries, Vampires (that were able to control their hunger), Hybrids, Shadow Creatures and even a few Gods and Goddesses and had a strong friendship with them.

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