These Walls Are Kinda Weak by SilverFenrir

tiger doing kung fu

Malachite Tiger by SapphWolf

punk teen

Kostia Tiger by ebonytigress

tiger in Vietnam

Commission Steve Du 1 by SilverFenrir

tiger cop

4000 PAGEVIEWS DRAONIUS by Eggplantm

tiger swat member

Tiger by heyohwhoa

tiger model

Tigers are a sub-species of furry. Unlike a lot of furry types, Tigers often opt for athletic and modeling jobs. They are also often body builders. Almost all of them are the most loving and careing compared to other furries. notable Tigers are:

  1. Insert famous tiger here

Gaia Avi 2 White Tiger by Koshkio
Punk Tiger by SabretoothedErmine

punk tiger gang member

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