• Various wars in Vietnam and Korea 2050's-2060's
  • Hybrid Riots- Disagreement with coexistant between human and furries cause mass riots resulting in deaths. 2060's-to early 2070's 
  • First Vampire War- The Furries are attacked by an empire of vampires lead by Jill. The UCR become involved in the end days leading a beach assault and Jill being thrown off the throne and sent to breeding chambers, replaced by Jane. 2117-2130's
  • Second Vampire War- Jane reignites a new war creating projects with the DNA of Luna. War was short and of little actual importance. Jane goes power hungry and goes with a powerful person. Zoey saves Luna and Jane is toppled. 2140's-2145
  • Tank Police is destroyed briefly by UCR. Furry planet assaulted.2150's-2160's 
  • Luna and Evo married. Has Juli.
  • Roach is banished from the UCR.2170
  • Alliance created sometime in August.2180's-more 
  • Roach unites Amazons, Huntress and others.2190's 
  • Tank Police reorganized and deals with various gangs.2200's 
  • Lupa and Roach marry.2218-more 
  • Third Vampire war- Large engagement eventually leading to Jill losing and living with Evo for a time. 2230-2240
  • Queen B tries to take all men as slaves, fails. 2243-2244
  • Fourth Vampire war- The newly rebuilt empire is stronger than ever and lays siege to earth. Zoey and Alex wanted only a part of Europe and everywhere else bombed. Jill refuses and leads a futile assualt on the planet stretching the forces too thin. Excavation for super weapons lead to more waste of power. Jill is "killed" by her daughter Hope and forms the Vampire Republic.2245-2260

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